Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The objective for voters in this fall’s presidential election should not just be to see the candidate with the same party affiliation win the White House, but to elect a president that will effectively lead our nation forward. More now than ever before is the United States in need of leadership. Leadership that advance American interest domestic and abroad, and pushes our economy and society forward. An American president needs to be the biggest supporter, advocate, and cheerleader for our society, nation, and economic interest.

Image result for Hope and changeFor the past eight years, Americans have heard eloquent speeches promiosing to advance the nation forward. In 2008, then candidate Barack Obama rode young inexperienced voters into office, promise change they can believe in. Four years later, many could not believe they were unemployed. Four more years later, many of the same are still underemployed and not as hopeful while seeking change.

Image result for 2014 GOP Midterms
In the midterms, the GOP scored victories with messages promising to rollback policies that hindered employment opportunities, curtail growth on our nation’s debt, and bring our economy back from despair. Unfortunately, many of the elected Republicans offer no policy positions than NObama and act mostly as Democrat-Lite. As a result, both parties are seeing significant distrust shown by voters in establishment perceived candidates.

America needs to start winning again and needs a leader that is focused on advancing American interests and unabashedly advocating for American values. Unlike the rest of the world, some Americans worry about what others feel about our leader and our reputation, while other electorates focus more on leaders that will bring their nation forward, both domestically and internationally.

So what should the most powerful political figure on the globe advocate for? Starting on January 21, 2017, the new American President needs to change tone. For too long, Americans consistently were told that we are too lazy, weak, and incompetent to deal with the challenges of life, without an expansive government program, evasive regulation, or catastrophic redistribution plan. Initially, Americans need to have our confidence built back up after the challenges faced, that truly made us better, stronger, and more innovative.
After energizing Americans to participate in our economy and contribute, there needs to opportunities to do so. The next leader needs to be able to set the United States on a path to be a winning economy. Under current policies, many other emerging markets provide between return on investments well beyond simple labor differences. Overt taxation and redundant regulations strip many American communities from landing opportunities for growth. Reforming our tax code to allow our markets to compete globally and streamlining regulations to allow regulators to be effective will do much to encourage investment domestically.

The United States should play amicably with our allies and global partners, but our president represents Americans. Americans needs an advocate that strongly seeks to advance American interest and secure American goals. While win/ win situations are always optimum, we can no longer accept vastly more of the cost burden while missing out on any benefits in global treaties. Additionally, the immediate transfer of American tax dollars in exchange for weak veiled promises that fail to come to fruition is setting a bad precedent in diplomatically dealing with global challenges. Stronger leadership is needed.

The United States needs a leader that is willing to make the tough choices, enforcing our interests and not allowing other nations to directly or indirectly violate our principles or laws for their benefit. In dealing with a not so complex issue like immigration reform, we need a president that understands the strong need to enforce our laws, protecting our national security, while maintaining a system that can bring in those in need of opportunities. Comprehensive immigration is something that needs to happen, but border security needs to be a central focus of the reform. Allowing those who can contribute to our economy while ensuring national security would be a strong win for America.

In doing so, the United States can fix a broken system while still leading the world in compassion. More importantly, the United States would curb a divergence of untaxed and undertaxed funds that benefit the Mexican economy on a yearly basis. The United States should not allow foreign governments to shirk their responsibilities to their own citizens at our expense.

Despite the recessionary and economic strife happening in many places in Europe, many on the left are still envious of the robust social programs provided by European nations. Imagine if Europeans bore the full cost of their national security. The programs would be less robust. Going further, if  many nations bore the cost of medical innovation, the programs would be trouble. While many agree that people should pay their fair share, so should our allies and global partners. The world is a much different place, thanks to globalization, which makes it much more tolerable for our allies and global partners to pay their fair share.

America needs to start winning again. From sea to shining sea and across the globe. The path will be challenging, but Americans should not become complacent and accept anything other than success. America should not police the world, nor should we serve as it insurer, donor, or patriach.