Wednesday, August 31, 2016


There is not a single nation in the world that can claim perfection or void of social strife or problems. Even a nation that creates abundant prosperity, affords widespread opportunity, and defends freedom and liberty across the globe is not free of regretful transgressions. As all nations grow and improve over time, perspective is needed to realize the positives, which makes a nation the premier destination worldwide, far outweigh any negatives.

Image result for the united states flagThere are some Americans lacking in even the basic appreciation of their homeland. As such these individuals claim offense to the Pledge of Allegiance or other patriotic traditions. Claim offense to the sight of the American flag on American soil. While this is only among the fringe left, it is important to counter such ignorance.

The United States is the premier destination worldwide, as 20% of all migrants seek entry. The free market economy, free society, and law and order is attractive for many seeking a better life. Compared to other industrialized nations, American life can provide more advantageous outcome and access to vital institutions, like education and private ownership. Even the issue with illegal immigration points to the depths some migrants will go to have an opportunity not available in their current domicile.

Image result for RacismAforementioned, no nation can claim perfection. Throughout our history, the United States struggles with racial strife, religious rights, and social injustices, which made some feel less connected to society. Despite these scars, society moves forward towards healing and atonement. While some will hold onto the emotion and resentment, many take advantage of opportunities to improve and balance change.

There are many scars or opportunities for improvement, which is the same for many nations. When looking for free society, opportunity to work towards dreams, and safety, there are few places comparable. There are many reasons to love the United States and see what 20% of migrants see. Opportunity, freedom, and diversity. Love America.