Monday, February 20, 2017


Majority of Americans are children or grandchildren of immigrants. Some are immigrants themselves. Since the United States continues to be the preferred destination for migration, immigration will continue to be a critical part of population growth in the future. As a result, the United States will continue to further our diversity and increase our ability to acquire the best talent across the world. Fostering an immigration system that blends domestic and global talent, while ensuring national security for all residents is important for our economy and society. 

Image result for IMMIGRATIONWhy is immigration an important topic for politicians and businesses? Immigration allows companies to import the world’s best and brightest, filling needs either not available or in short supply domestically. In the same notion, our dynamic private sector, free market economy, and free society make the United States an attractive home for people seeking opportunities not available in their homeland. in turn, immigrants provide services and investments that benefit our economy and bring cultural diversity that contributes to our society.

In modernizing our immigration system for the future, policy makers need to balance the need of ensuring access to talent with preventing those presenting clear and present danger from being able to exploit it. The world is a much different place than eras of mass immigration, like our colonial founding, or the European migration to Ellis Island. Over time, events created the need for policymaker to consider border security as an essential part of national security. 

Currently, those posing the greatest threat to civilized society are not cloaked in military garbs of a national government, but appear as an average person. Emboldened with radical beliefs and hatred, these individuals exploit the kindness and weakness of open and free societies. Unfortunately, elected officials cannot hope danger away, but implement common sense protocols to ensure that people entering come here for a better life. Not the taking of life. 

Ensuring that national security measures are not excessively exclusive is important as well. In restricting immigration, policy makers need to demonstrate a reasonable need before proceeding with implementation of greater scrutiny or travel bans. Nations that either sponsor terrorism or fail to expel terrorist fall into the reasoanable need for greater scrutiny. Although compassion is needed for those fleeing, common sense is required to avoid importing the dangers. Ensuring a vetting process is in place before issuing visas is not partisan, but a common sense way to mitigate risks. 

Image result for IMMIGRATIONFurthermore, there is a need to ensure that our process is fair and promotes obedience to the rule of law. Many supporters of open borders ignore the inequity created by allowing those shirking the rules to benefit, while legal immigrants face hurdles and challenges. Consider the process for millions of people migrating to the United States through the proper legal channels. Additionally, the challenges of many highly educated international students that struggle to obtain permission to stay. Compared to those willing to take illegal means of entry, these immigrants should be placed in the front of the line.

America can attract the global talent while mitigating real world threats that exist. Additionally, our immigration system can be more equitable to those who do the right thing and follow the proper process. We should always welcome the best and brightest, but also ensure we are getting the best and brightest.