Monday, May 1, 2017

100 DAYS

Most Presidents will spend a minimum of a 1,460 days in office, 2,920 if re-elected. But, ever since President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s time in office, political pundits place great importance over the first 100 days in office. Less than 7% of the first term. While important view into how a President intends to proceed with his administration, a more accurate evaluation would be closer to the point of re-election. 

Image result for President ObamaPresident Obama once stated that his first 100 days are important, but his first 1,000 days that would be impactful. Besides a few executive orders, much of his first three months were spent setting the stage for actions that would define his next 2,820 days and beyond. Coming in with complete control of Congress, Obama got everyone on the same page to get his agenda implemented.

Modern day politics is far different now than in the FDR era. For instance, modern day Presidents are not able to stack courts or pass legislation unbeknownst to the public, like FDR. In the age of social media, 24 news hysteria, and political cynicism, current presidents need to market policy plans, control the narrative, and gain buy in from a legislative body with equal power. Also, it does not help to provide a guaranteed list of actions that will happen, without experience with legislative process. 

Image result for President TrumpThe view of the initial three months of President Donald Trump’s presidency varies depending on whether it comes from a supporter, a detractor, or a neutral party, if those still exist. For his supporters, they will focus on his efforts to improve the economy, job growth, and national security. Contrastly, anti-Trump brigades will hang on the setbacks in the repeal and replace of ObamaCare and legal strife with executive orders. Objectively, one can see that there were successes and opportunities for improvement for the novice politician. 

Much like his predecessor, President Trump is doing much to set the stage for his agenda. One focused on improving employment, strengthening national security, and restoring America’s global leadership position. Despite the setbacks, his actions and potential future legal victories could go a long way in achieving his goal. 

All Presidents grow during their time in office and we should expect the same for Trump. Given the strong sentiments following the election, Trump will have to grow fast to deal with an antagonistic media, violent alt-left, and many challenges facing the United States. Hopefully, Trump utilizes the GOP controlled Congress and sets aside the fallacious precedent of ruling via executive order.

More and more our society becomes obsessed with instant gratification. But, elected officials need time to implement policies. Moreover, the public needs to go beyond the rhetoric and see the real impact of implemented policies. The public should hold officials accountable, but based in rationality not sensationalism.