Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Image result for hillary clinton lostHillary Clinton returned to the public’s eye to promote her new book, What Happened, making rounds on the friendly media circuit. After suffering a devastating and shocking upset, Clinton took a break from trips to the woods in order to provide her take for a sizable fee. Political defeats do not necessarily end one’s influence or ability to impact society, depending on how one resurfaces.

Hillary Clinton made rounds on the media circuit, rehashing the 2016 contest with friendly hosts. In these interviews, Hillary Clinton provided the same excuses given immediately after Election Day. Still blaming FBI Director James Comey, Russian interference, and societal discriminatory views for her defeat. Moreover, Clinton criticizes  the oversensitivity towards her handling of Benghazi, which led to deaths of American diplomats. Apparently, Clinton is not ready to acknowledge her role in both scandals.

Despite the baggage, Clinton had every advantage needed to win the contest. The organization was better funded, organized, and experienced than her opponent. Additionally, Clinton received more favorable media coverage than any candidate that ever ran for president. Even received assistance in debate prep. Combined with her opponents mistakes, Clinton enjoyed many  advantages need to ensure victory. Few candidates could lose in her position.

But, she did not win. The real reason Hillary Clinton did not win in 2016 is the same reason she did not win in 2008. Her inability to appeal to the general public and appear trustworthy. In 2008, Obama charmed his way past Clinton and the experience McCain to earn his trip to the White House. Despite gaining more experience, Clinton did not work enough to connect with voters on issues important to them, preferring to speak to what she thought was important. Her 2016 campaign embodied a strong sense of entitlement.

Image result for hillary clinton lostConsider her statement on CNN with Anderson Cooper. Hillary Clinton stated that she would provide no forgiveness or absolution for supporters that did not vote. A stark contrast from past failed candidates who sought forgiveness from voter bases for their failure. Not surprising for a candidate that made supporters pledge allegiance to her. The same arrogance that made Benghazi and email scandal big issues was the same arrogance that cost her in the election.

Size and money possessed by an organization possesses does not guarantee success, if leadership lacks judgment. Based on multiple reporting, Clinton campaign leaders did not effectively handle actionable information collected from their grassroot operatives. Even ignored warnings from Democratic Party leadership, who helped her defeat the Sanders movement. If Podesta incorporated any of the data and addressed any of the warnings to their strategy, she might be in office today.

Image result for hillary clinton lostThe lack of connection with voters on issues was another big failure on her part. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was the clear candidate representing the political establishment in an election demanding change. Clinton did little to convince the public staying the course would be good for their future and well being. Her policy platform was no different than the one people wanted changed. Being tone deaf to large groups in our society was extremely detrimental to her campaign.

Hillary Clinton resurfaced too early. She is not ready to acknowledge her role in her defeat. Instead, she should have let her base heal, continue with self-reflection, and identify realistic opportunities to make a difference. If Democrats want a future, it's time to move on from Clinton.