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Americans may finally have closure on the 2016 presidential election, which remains as strong source of division and hysteria. Special Counsel Robert Mueller completed his two-year investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election. The confidential report now rests in the hands of the Department of Justice, primarily Attorney General William Barr. Shortly after receiving the report, Attorney General Barr provided his initial findings to Congress. The investigation of the special counsel may be complete, but one can expect political aspect to continue.

In the findings letter, Attorney General William Barr noted that Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of collusion by President Donald Trump or any members of the Trump campaign. He provided no recommendations for additional indictments. Moreover, Special Counsel Mueller and his team did not deem controversial actions by President Trump as reaching the level required for obstruction of justice. The investigation's outcome could not be more favorable for President Trump. The outcome directly counters the narrative many Democrat leaders, like Rep. Adam Schiff, consistently sold to the American public. 

Political witch hunt or legitimate investigation? The need for the investigation was legitimate. In September 2016, the Obama Administration noticed actions credited to Russia affiliated agents to influence voters, which no fruitful action was taken until afterwards. Given some questions surrounding Michael Flynn, there was reason to ensure that no foul play occurred. While Democrats and Democrat friendly media utilizes the DNC funded and discredited Steele Dossier to attack Trump, the public needed to know what exactly occurred. There was a legitimate need for the Mueller investigation, but the House investigations will be a political witch hunt. 

After two obsessive years, hundreds of staff, and millions spent, the investigation did lead to the indictments of some former Trump associates. Some for crimes committed before the election cycle and prior to their work on the campaign. Michael Cohen is heading to prison for violating campaign finance laws. Also, Mueller indicted a dozen Russian agents and entities, which will never see an actual courtroom. There are some indictments and subpoenas still remaining, which will be transferred to other areas of the Department of Justice. 

Detailed in previous Congressional hearings, Russian entities launched an extensive influence campaign, which proved useless, unconvincing, and poorly executed. Advertising campaigns through social media campaigns sought to create chaos and misinformation. Following the election, the same agents attacked Trump, seeking to cast doubt in our political system. The campaigns were not properly executed, as many as ran well after contests ended. The overall impact was mute and the election results were not in doubt.

The launch of the special counsel investigation emoted strong political reactions on both sides. President Trump and his supporters vehemently denied any wrongdoing and cast the investigation as a political hoax and witch-hunt. On the other hand, Democrats embraced the political cover provided, adopting narratives to their base that the election was stolen. As the investigation went on, Democrats strategically exploited the uncertainty around it to paint a picture of guilt around President Trump. Politics of anger and fear helped Democratic leaders overcome accountability for failed policies that lost the 2016 election. 

The only real incident of collusion that officially occurred in 2016 took place during the DNC primary season. The American public now know the lengths DNC leadership at the time went to ensure Hillary Clinton would win the nomination. In addition, Hillary Clinton received help from DNC officials working for CNN in her debate prep by receiving early access to questions. The DNC scandals cost many in leadership their roles and exposed the level of indebtedness Democrats had to the Clinton political machine. In the end, Hillary Clinton and her campaign successfully kept Bernie Sanders from the nomination but failed to win in the face of a significant financial advantage and network. 

The 2016 election cycle was also problematic for the national news media, as political bias of content creators clearly impacted coverage and content. Anti-Trump members of the media embraced the false narratives of Trump collusion and made the investigation a staple of their nightly broadcast schedule. Supposed expert panels set the nation up for bombshells that never came to fruition. Many prominent members of the media never hesitated to wait for facts or provide professional objectivity while covering the investigation. Now that Americans have the long awaited answer, there should be more questions concerning the media's political activity. 

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a man of impeccable character and credentials. His team had extraordinary resources at their disposal. There is little doubt that these highly skilled individuals would be able to get to the bottom of this issue. They appeared to have checked under every rock and shook every tree to get to the truth. They followed the money and any lead possible. If one felt the investigation was legitimate, which it was, that person must accept its findings. There was no wrongdoing found on behalf the President of the United States. 

The debate will not end here. The next political fight will be over the potential release of the report. Although a supporter of government transparency, the people testifying did so under the condition of anonymity. Releasing statements may set a harmful precedent going forward, which could prevent cooperation. There may need to be time before fully releasing the documents. Careful consideration should take precedent over the needs of Democrats to create political attack ads.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi already ruled out impeachment. But the House will continue its investigations, which can only be considered political in nature and a waste of taxpayer resources. The opposition party should provide alternatives to the party in power, but Democrats choose to oppose Trump with hysteria and anger, not substantive policy debates. The continued fabrications and false narratives can hurt them across the board in 2020. Democrats, like Schiff and Nadler, need to account to the credibility of past statements.

The conclusion of the report may not completely change how one views President Trump, but it should put to rest the notion that the election was stolen from Hillary Clinton. Greater focus should be placed on the DNC internal collusion as well as admitted coordination between the Clinton campaign and CNN for a presidential debate.