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The violence and social unrest taking place in places like Portland, OR and Kenosha, WI is no longer remaining in the shadows of society. No longer can be overlooked or discarded as a right-wing conspiracy theory. 
For some time, Democrats appeared to believe the riots, looting, and violence against police officers, innocent bystanders, and peaceful protesters provided a political edge. 
Many in the media and national and local Democrats provided cover for these actions believing it provided cover to advance their overall agenda by embracing the anger.
On the other hand, President Trump focused greatly on the violence, making some feel he did not speak enough about the underlying issues the peaceful protesters, not involved in the violence, raised.
The situation continued to a point where polling changed. Now, the violence and the political responsibility is a national issue impacting the presidential race. 
New criticism prodded Joe Biden to leave the comforts of his basement and provide …
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There are legitimate calls for reform in how law enforcement agencies police our communities. There is reasonable change needed to restore trust within impacted communities. Majority of people can agree that police officers should be held to a higher standard of conduct than the average citizen because of the role in society. At the same time, one must understand the difficulties and challenges police officers face in their daily service, ranging from routine interactions to possible fatal engagements. Majority of arrests or police interactions around the nation are incident free. Others involve incidents with harm to either the officer or the suspected criminal. One of the challenges society is attempting to solve is the occurrence of excessive or fatal force used against suspects who appear to be in controlled situations. The rational approach to this problem involves both improving use of force standards and reducing barriers to charging bad actors that blatantly violate the law. B…


The ballot is set for November 3, 2020. President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Michael Pence will face off against Democratic ticket of former VP Joseph Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris. 
There is a clear distinction between the people, ideologies, and projected futures of both ballots, which do not perfectly align with any group of Americans’ hope for the future. 
For quite some time now, presidential elections are contest where Americans cast ballots for candidates with the closest alignment to the values, needs, and politics, not the 0nes that check every box. 
Republicans traditionally hold more conservative politics, despite a relatively wide array of viewpoints from libertarians, moderates, or center rights who make considerable bases of the party. 
Democrats makes up America’s liberal party, appealing to those holding progressive, center-left, and moderate viewpoints, where social issues play a greater importance than other policy areas. 
This is important in understanding why a t…


Standardized testing is essential in both measuring the quality of instruction provided by educational institutions and identify the individual needs of students, who do not all learn at the same rates. 
Not all schools operate under the same model, so educational quality is far from standard. Some schools provide education quality that exceeds global standards, while others graduate students who are borderline incompetent.
The only way to improve quality is to measure and track performance to institute meaningful reforms that increase successful outcomes for the students, who are the end users of the system. 
The push against standardized testing largely comes from teachers’ unions that seek to protect members from loss of employment related to students ability to perform adequately on the tests. 
A common argument made is that teachers prefer to teach their respective subject matters rather than take instruction time to ensure students excel on the test. Essentially, they teach the test…


As the summer nears its midpoint, many states need to address how the education of our youth will take place in the face of the continued risk of Covid-19 and the potential for a resurgence. 
The competing lines of thought are on one side keep schools closed until a vaccine or treatment is discovered, while the other side calls for reopening schools because the risk to youths is statistically insignificant, compared to the harm to their education. 
While there are reports of progress towards a vaccine and treatment options, there is no guarantee that these come to fruition any time soon. One can expect setbacks and obstacles that will prolong the development timeline. 
In the meantime, society cannot simply wait out Covid-19 like it is a fad that will simply go away. Policymakers can work with stakeholders to find solutions to bridge the gap and ensure our youth do not fall behind. 
One can reasonably question the suitability of remote learning. Many children have the technology, experien…


The raw emotions and hysteria circulating around our nation should never diminish the fact that the United States is the greatest nation in the world, despite our checkered past and indiscretions.Our founders are not dead traitors but national heroes who established a nation built on the ideals of freedom, self-determination, and opportunity, unique in the world then and now. Ideals our nation has not universally lived up to throughout our time. Ideals and principles not universally afforded to all men and women, despite the promise made to all men and women. As society continues to sort our how to move forward, let us not regress towards the false comforts of overt government control, but find ways to move forward expanding equal access to the American Dream. There is no perfect nation in this world. No nation has a blemish free history. No nation attracts the best and brightest throughout the world like the United States. Because of who we are and what we stand for. As we celebrate …


America took a big step forward with the passage of the First Step Act, which delivered much needed criminal justice reform. Now, society needs to take the next step.The disturbing tape of the arrest that lead to the death of George Floyd reignites the anger stemming from deaths during arrests, especially when this one clearly should have been avoided. Police officers deal with people in their worst moments, where one can understand how emotions can intensify. Even in these moments, the core principle of due process must be protected. Law enforcement is tasked with serving and protecting our communities by enforcing laws as well as removing certain suspected criminals while they proceed through the system. Law enforcement is not tasked with serving as judge, jury, and executioner. Regardless of how obvious the guilt may be, every accused person is guaranteed the presumption of innocence. There is a clear need to expand changes in tactics that helped certain agencies reduce their fatal…


Memorial Day is not the official start of summer, but the day America recognizes those who gave their life in service to our great nation. 
During this remembrance, it is appropriate for all to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect millions of others who they never knew. 
Following our continued fight against the invisible enemy, it may be appropriate to expand this remembrance to include all those who sacrificed their life in care for others. 
The Covid-19 pandemic helped bring to light the idea of real heroes. The term hero is generically thrown around in our pop culture. But not every application is appropriate. 
Traditionally, the military ranks first on the list of our heroes. Their sacrifices are what kept society safe and free and continue to be central in response to crisis. 
The key to a real hero is the level of sacrifice. These heroes do not serve for money, notoriety, or other perks not available to them. Yet, they accept daily the ultimate risk. 
In this fie…


Welcome back. Joe Biden continues to work to defeat himself. People question whether mask requirements violate their freedoms. The House chooses to add some bacon. 
Democratic Presidential Candidate and Former Vice President Joe Biden recently said that any black person not voting for him is not really black in his opinion. 
Biden is using an antiquated practice of shaming minority voters in remaining loyal to Democrat candidates. Biden is not the first Democrat to do this and will not be the last. 
Many are rightfully calling out Biden. But, do not expect Biden, Democrats, or their base to acknowledge the error. Biden continues to give supporters reasons to doubt him. 
Democrats are already backing down from their stance that all women should be believed in claims of sexual indiscretion, as Biden is being handed a complete pass on accusations of sexual assault. 
Democrats appear they do not recall Biden’s controversial comments during the 2008 primar…


There are some in our society who prefer continuing social distancing until a vaccine or viable treatment is in place. Others want to reopen more quickly to prevent irreversible economic damage. 
At some point, our society needs to work its way back towards normalcy, which will take time, caution, and patience. Society cannot hide and hope this will pass. Americans never run from challenges. 
Understandably, there needs to be safeguards put in place before opening back up, which our leaders at all levels understand and work tirelessly to complete. 
People who are getting paychecks and are able to work remotely naturally support longer containment. People forced to file for unemployment and deplete savings strongly want to return to work. 
Few, if any, problems can be solved in our society by choosing a side and running towards it. Balanced approaches need to consider possible mitigation techniques and what level of risk is acceptable. 
Many states, if not all, are well beyond the peak. The…