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There is no denying the current condition of American politics is troubling. There are legitimate gripes about how our political parties operate and engage with their opposition. It is important to understand the source of the issue and find ways to address those factors. Among the chaos, it is important to keep a proper perspective on what is being accomplished and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Many prominent politicians articulate that something is amiss in politics but are not upfront about the true causes and what is being done to continue the politics of fear, hate, anger, resentment, and jealousy. A problem cannot be solved with a clear identification of the problem and contributing factors. Without that, any solutions will prove ineffective, costly, and pointless.


There is a clear cloud of chaos on the executive branch. Too many resignations of key officials. Too many waves created by careless rhetoric. But, there is a great deal being accomplished by an executive team that does not abide by the old rules of politics. A team that appears willing to challenge norms and the status quo, while battling those that wish to stall a change agenda from within. Elections matter. Votes have consequences. Voters should know what is at stake.


Politics are personal and emotional. People want to feel good about policies they may not fully understand and like people they do not fully know. In such constraints, many elected officials strive for what is popular rather than what society may truly need. Many politicians want perceptual political victories, instead of making tough choices and leading America towards prosperity, security, sustainability, and productivity.


Americans should not be discriminated based on political views or voters cast. But, Americans need to truly understand who they are voting for and what is the impact of the policy positions said candidate supports. Many candidates evoke a variety of reasons to support their campaign. It is up to the voters to ensure their ballots are cast for the right ones.