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Blind brand loyalty is only acceptable in sports. Think about how many sports fans support teams that may never deliver the desired championship. But, there is entertainment value in the chase. 

There is no room for brand loyalty in politics. The impact of policies and actions are far too great to continually pledge undying support for political candidates or organizations. 

In a two-party dominated political system, the construct helps create brand loyalty among voters, as people will align with one party of the other. 

Many voters in communities across the nation, especially in inner cities, vote for the same political parties and candidates election cycle after election cycle. 

At some point, the economic, social, and political outcomes must matter to voters. How well did elected officials create opportunity, improve affordability, balance the scale, and maintain safety? 

Political quips and one-liners may make for entertaining late-night banter, but rarely does it translate into good politics. Catchy phrases are no substitute for sound policy. 

Consider all the candidates running under the mantra of “for the people”, which is the new theme for Democrats. Yet, the policy positions will undoubtedly harm the people. 

No one can see the future, but we all can draw from past and recent history to see how these policies will increase the cost of living and reduce economic opportunity and freedom. 

People want affordable healthcare, clean and safe communities, well paying jobs, and strong national security. People want economic opportunity and growth of the middle class. 

Never once did increasing government’s power over the people lead to greater opportunity and freedom. The “large” ideas are more power grabs than rational policymaking. 

Just like with any brand, consumers need to re-evaluate if the brand still aligns with its core values and if those core values connect with mainstream society. 

There was a time when our nation’s liberal party had real concern, not intentionally the cause, for worker plight. Actual concern for freedoms and civil liberties. 

Surprising to see the once pillar of the party, union workers, now cast aside as not diverse or fringe enough to garner attention as the party veers leftward. 

Another area of surprise is the number of ideas calling for weaponizing government against people and businesses living and operating in our communities. 

Increasing the size of government to ensure people purchased private products in-line with prescribed rules. Now, calls for green armies to attack private entities, pitting one person against another. 

The American Dream may have its struggles but replacing with an American reoccurring nightmare may not be the solution anyone wants to see. 

Again, brand loyalty may good for sports, or even technology, but not for politics. Voters should frequently evaluate the direction of the preferred political party and ensure alignment still exists.

Before shedding a tear or jumping for joy in response to an electoral outcome, consider the fact that the people seen on broadcast would not elicit any emotions for the impact their policies have on your life. 

In the construct of our political system, it is easy to get caught up in the continued cheerleading for a favored political party or engaging candidate. 

Consider who truly benefits from the victory. Many times, it is not the person casting the ballot. If the candidate is not expanding your opportunity and freedom, the victory is simply empowering them. 

Make sure political victories are yours by ensuring you are not a reliable vote, but one that is earned. Understand the good, bad, and ugly of all platforms and candidates. 

Naturally, one party will align better with your core values than the other. Make sure they are aligning to you and not the other way around. 


Another terrorist attack claimed the lives of Christians celebrating Easter, as Islamist terrorist groups attacked churchgoers in Sri Lanka. Each year, Christians continue to suffer at the hands of radical extremists attacking religious sites during important holidays, which draw larger than normal crowds. 

An international landmark damaged by fire and controversy ensued from the generosity shown. The Notre Dame Cathedral in France caught the attention of the international community, due to a fire damaging the building that draws millions from around the world. Protesters complaining about wages demonstrated outrage (and greed) over donations pledged to repair the famed church. 

The public attained a redacted copy of the Mueller investigation, getting a clearer picture of the usual attempts by Russia to influence foreign elections. After two years of political hysteria, Americans now know President Trump did not collude and did not intentionally obstructed an investigation, where he provided thousands of documents and hours of his staffs’ time. But, notes in the reports show the impact on his ego.