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There is no way the Democratic Party is liking the start of 2019. In many ways, the general public is seeing the party’s long-standing political narratives evaporate before our very eyes. 

The Democrats bet their political fortunes on the Mueller investigation, hoping that it would validate their radical claims that the Trump Presidency is illegitimate. 

The Mueller Report countered their repeated claims. But, Democrats never are the ones to let the truth get in the way of their political fairy tales. 

Congressmen Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler still peddle their narratives to Democrat friendly media outlets. Still lack any proof or evidence to back their attacks. 

Democrats struggle to accept the fact that their defeats are largely because of their clear disconnect with the mainstream voter and hypocrisy on their supposed core issues.

Democrats enjoyed an undeserved moral high ground on race relations for decades. Using their perch to scare voters from casting ballots for their opponents. 

Now, Americans can clearly see the hypocrisy in their stand against hate. For the most part, party leaders are doing very little to address the blackface scandal in VA. 

Many prominent Democrats probably hope the sentiment will subside and prepare for Northam’s second election cycle. The Democrat friendly media will do all it can to assist. 

The party was never a defender of those with faith, believing those who pray are a relic of the past. But, it used to speak out against perceived intolerance of certain religions.

Now, Democrats lost credibility in this area as well. Party leaders could not deal with the anti-Semitic comments made by its own members. Instead chose a spectacle and charade. 

The most recent political platform was Democrats are the party for women, protecting them from the Republicans War on Women, through their support of anti-abortion measures. 

Turns out, Democrats and their financial backers have a literal War on Women. Sexually assaulting them, choking them, and making unwanted shoulder and touches.  

Democrats will need to come clean with America on what is their view on the acceptable standard on accusations of inappropriate behaviors and public office.

The accusations against Former VP Joe Biden may not reach the level of disqualifying for public office. They do not reach the level of criminality either.

The party consistently demonstrates hypocrisy when the accusations come against a member of their own party. If they are the party of women, shouldn’t they be held to a higher standard? 

The voter base for the party will and should decide what is disqualifying for their party’s nomination. Party leaders need to spend less time preaching to society and more time getting their own house in order.