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Political cheerleading continues to foster division in our society. Supporter bases of one party or politician arbitrarily oppose another base. 

Our society is not intended to be factions of ideological tribes. Rather a collection of rational intellectuals gifted with free thought, who do not hide in the comforts of group think. 

There are many social pressures to think, act, vote, or assimilate to what certain segments of society deem acceptable. Talking heads pressure the masses to accept their views. 

Many aspects of our political system, social construct, and media institution enforces certain stereotypes through ideological bullying and double standards. 

If one disagrees, that person will be labeled with every adjective ending with -ist and -phobe regardless of the lack of credible evidence. 

As a result, the politics of anger, fear, and hysteria create political herds. Tribalism erodes our freedoms. Erodes our democracy. 

In reality, people should not abide by unwritten rules, but base their views based on their own value system, experience, and personal situation.

Political affiliation or other demographic characteristics should not require universal rigidity. Too often pundits obsess over political purity or unabashed allegiance to party messaging. 

Look at the contenders for the Democratic nomination to challenge President Trump. There is a clear presence of groupthink, whether the candidates are being authentic or not. 

The strategy may make it appear the party is united in an effort to shift far left of the American mainstream. But, more likely each one fears standing out from the prevailing party message. 

Still early, as many can separate themselves in the upcoming debate cycles. Modify their platforms during the primary season.

But, even candidates with records that contradict their current stances claim allegiance to current party ideals. Conforming to polling showing whats important to the angry Democratic base. 

The nail that stands out may get the hammer. But, candidates that stand too close together will get swept aside once one decides to take a rational approach to public policy. 

Republicans learned this lesson in 2015. All prepared to replace President Barack Obama with carefully crafted messages, but struggled when a candidate spoke straight from the heart. 

The voters want authenticity and prospects for success. Voters want to be authentic and enjoy intellectual freedom, not coercive herding. 

Americans need to break the mold and political stereotypes. Do not allow social pressures to box people into convenient choice sets. 

There may be strength in numbers, but people should not get lost in the crowd. Stand out and let your voice be heard no matter if it challenges people’s definition of acceptable political decisions.