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Some people do not let facts get in the way of a good story. In politics and news in general, facts rarely get ahead of a desired story. The political hysteria in our society makes many believe anything that reinforces their viewpoint or emotional condition. The media outlets that run stories without vetting also contribute to the issue. 

The situation with Justin Smollett is not the first or only political hoax perpetrated by someone seeking to exploit political and racial tensions. Smollett’s hoax maybe the most idiotic. Perpetrators of previous political hoaxes did so to drive messages aimed to mislead the American public over political issues. Smollett’s case was different. 

Not satisfied with his compensation, Smollett decided to exploit racial tensions and political anger. Smollett understood the benefit of victimhood in America. Especially being a victim of a supposed hate crime. If producers did not give him better compensation, maybe the notoriety from being a victim of a racial attack could land him new roles. 

Smollett claimed he was attacked by two white males who supposedly wore the infamous red MAGA hats, which many on the angry left seek to demonize. The two “attackers” were men of Nigerian descent, who previously worked with Smollett. Unlike movies and television, real police easily got to the bottom of this scheme. 

Again, this is not the first hoax. This is not the first time the media ran with a narrative only to find out the truth is much different than they reported. Not that long ago, media members attacked young high schoolers, simply because he wore the red MAGA hat. Turns out, the young man was not harassing any one. 

Many prominent Democratic leaders and potential Democratic presidential nominees along with media members quickly rush judgment without letting the facts come to light. The notion is to get a narrative out there for political gain without truly understanding the underlying situation, reviewing the evidence, and knowing the facts. 

Many liberal pundits speak about truth in politics, but they are not interested in truths. Only seek their narratives, false and misleading. If the message slanders their opposition or scores political points, many left of center individuals do not care about inaccuracies. They simply will “evolve” from previous viewpoints.

Facts should matter and truth should matter. The reality for the left is that their narratives rarely hold up to the test of time and deeper dives in fact checking. Many of the recent political hoaxes should make people hesitant to accept any story coming from a left of center politician.


The anti-establishment movement that changed the way voters looked at government was important. Many politicians on both sides of the aisle focused too greatly on their own political prospects that the outcomes of the people who cast the ballots. The level of disconnect has fundamentally changed politics in both parties. 

To some degree, both Republicans and Democrats view career politicians as highly ineffective in handling the work of government and fostering an economy that creates jobs and grows prosperity. Many career politicians consistently message frameworks that limit social expectations of them, rather than promoting bold visions. 

Many Republicans grew tired of candidates who consistently espoused principles of fiscal responsibility, strong national security, and freedom, but consistently behaved like Democrats when in office. Conversely, many Democrats grew tired of promises of new economies, which turned out to be stagnation, unemployment, and hopelessness. 

There should not be much surprise in the current state of our leading political parties. Some political pundits expected challenges with populist in President Trump and his supporters against both the conservative and moderate sects of the party. Few saw the level and degree of the shift to the left Democrats took in return. 

The uneasiness some Republicans have with President Trump was rational, as Trump is not a true conservative and representative of traditional Republican values. But, Trump at times can find common ground with his political party on some big issues, like tax reform, his judicial nominees, and certain foreign policy initiatives.

The common ground is that many Republicans speak about the need for border security, the opposition to ObamaCare, and the need for stronger foreign policy. But, President Trump is the only Republican willing to do so regardless of whether the approach appears chaotic. To his credit, Trump does not limit outcomes to long held dogmas in DC. 

On the other side of the aisle, many would have rightfully expected Democrats to oppose Trump by taking a greater establishment posture. The cries of how institutions were in jeopardy would lead people to believe Democrats would defend to some degree the status quo, at the time. But, the party appears to have lost its mind. 

The combination of the agendas of the new class of Democrats and the shaping platform of early candidates for the 2020 Democratic nomination are highly radical and not aligned with our core values. At the state level, governments like that of New Jersey show how politics have deteriorated as it passed laws to politically target the opposing party. 

For quite some time, Americans were served well when our political parties believed in our core American values. When our elected officials believed in free enterprise, freedom, civil liberties, and equality. Some eras called for expansion of government action, while other rolled back intrusion. But there was balance. 

There was some consistency and effectiveness when our political ideology remained near center, center right at times and center left at worst. Now, there is a clear ideological line where Democrats truly moved towards the left, backing failed ideas and dangerous philosophies. Republicans still maintain some level of sanity, not completely viewing hard right. 

America is at its best when our politics are center right. Americans must not be fooled by the false promises of political panderers. Free enterprise, self-determination, freedom, and equality must be at our forefront. Americans must care for those in need but not expect more than they are willing to contribute. 


The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that 8th amendment protections applied to the states, not just the federal government. 

This is a huge step forward for people who long opposed the common practice of civil asset forfeiture. 

Some instances saw people who were acquitted of a criminal accusation still lost assets under this practice. 

Many law enforcement agencies use civil asset forfeiture to fund operations outside of appropriations. 

The ruling did not completely end the practice but did counter Indiana’s argument of whether Constitutional protections applied to states. 

States may counter by defining excessive bail and fine in order to comply with the protections. 

People should not benefit from crime, but government should not use fines, bail, and the system to harass citizens. 

That are what taxes are for!