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Our society, right or wrong, provides a public platform for high profile celebrities, which some use to promote products, services, lifestyles, or political movements. 

Many Hollywood celebrities or elite athletes seek to more in life than what they do for work. They seek to influence how you think, behave, value others, and treat those who oppose your views. 

The United States of America is built on the many principles of freedom. A one fundamental to any democracy is for the people to be able to speak without retribution. 

There is no denying that people, high profile or everyday citizens, have a voice and should use them. Our society would benefit greatly with more constructive policy debates. 

A key problem with many high profile individuals is the false belief that their opinion is absolute. Realistically, one person freedom to speak does not negate another person to exercise their right by countering that speech. 

Instead of healthy debates, the exercise of speech will inevitably many times devolves into ad hominem affairs, where counterarguments are personal in nature with little connection to the actual topic. 

People have the right to voice their opinion, but also bear the responsibility to consider the authenticity of the message, appropriateness of delivery, and impact of tone and style. 

Otherwise, the messenger opens the door to rightful criticism, loss of message control, and irreparable damage to the cause fought for. Careful constructed speech vs emotional hysteria. 

People are not required to view messages based on your intentions, but on face value of delivery. While people may disagree with your position, the delivery should not increase rejection. 

Many athletes consistently claim they want to be more than an athlete, but fail to be effective messengers of the supposed cause. Social justice is a common excuse to cover bad behavior. 

There are many recent situations where athletes claim social justices stance, when their behaviors are simply not aligned with generally acceptable conduct from any demographic group in their field.

There should not be double standards in life. At the same time, self awareness is important. One should not create false narratives to excuse behaviors that not acceptable from any group. 

False equivocations harm true movements to improve equality in society. Unfortunately, people who are truly victims of discriminations have a larger standard of evidence in the public’s eye when this occurs.

High profile people should use their celebrity to evoke positive change in society. They should also use their resources to ensure that efforts contribute to the solution not create division. 

Society provides platforms to high profile people. It is their responsibility to deliver an appropriate message in a proper manner. Otherwise, the message is lost and the little people working in these areas face greater challenges.