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The contest to determine who will challenge President Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential contest is now in the early debate stage. Before the all important straw polls and primary season. 

After a meek field in 2016, any and every Democrat decided to toss their hat in the ring to capture the coveted nomination. A field of hopefuls, dreamers, longshots, and delusionists. 

Quantity does not dictate quality. Many of the candidates congregate closely with one another in regard to ideological platforms. That will continue until the money starts to dwindle. 

Eventually, a few candidates will need to break away from the pack. Instead of having the entire bunch fall off the cliff together. Giving the Democrat voter base a pick’em choice will not work well for them.

The most difficult part about the campaign is running on ideas and principles that run counter to prevailing societal opinion and actual results. 

Since the information age, people can fact check every campaign claim. The political rhetoric creating a false picture is readily seen as exploitative and misleading. 

Consider the economic messaging from the pool of candidates. Despite the 72% of Americans see the economy as positive, Democrats spread messages of economic strife. 

The rhetoric that only the top 1% is growing is highly misleading and untruthful. The recent economic boom is more widespread than ones in the past. 

Keep in mind that no matter the economic conditions, wealthier people have the financial stability to weather any storm. The rhetoric that the rich are doing better than the poor is like saying water is clear. 

Real progress is taking in regards of job growth and wage increases for all groups. Financial markets are performing for all investors, which is not only good for Wall Street, but Main Street as well. 

Understandably, there are people still in need, which will always be the case. Some groups will not able to compete or ill-prepared by choice or societal dysfunction. 

The path forward is not to drag people down for the emotional benefit of a few, but to meaningfully expand opportunity and economic freedom. 

Democrats have yet to put forth realistic economic ideas. Just government dependency. Expanding government’s power over the people never empowers the people. 

A pandering political candidate is one not worthy of any public office, let alone the White House. The attempt to buy votes with supposed free services is not only bad policy, but deceptive politics. 

The politics of government subsidization is a clear signal the candidate has no real answer to solve the issue. Simply make the problem more expensive for less quality. Nothing in life is free. 

Some of the candidates are hard to take serious because they simply are not ready or are one trick ponies. Candidates like Beto appear to be running because it is something to do. 

Candidates like Sanders and Booker are all too angry all too often to be considered ready for the position. For Sanders, three decades in the Senate afforded plenty of time to resolve the issues he is angry about.

Elizabeth Warren impressively built a political profile on misperceptions and blatant lies. Notably, her self serving false claims of her heritage and background. 

Her campaign probably made a great deal of money from her “perservering” by rudely exceeding her allotted time at the expense of fellow Senators. But, she persevered. 

The most promising candidate was Joe Biden, who appeared best positioned to counter the march to the left. But, a third time might not be a charm for the former VP. 

Biden is struggling with pandering issues of his own, flip flopping to align with the latest polls. In addition, troubling accusations came out about his questionable behaviors.

If elections were simply about results, President Donald Trump would win by a landslide. The economy is booming due to his policies. His foreign policy is proving effective, despite the challenges. 

Elections are not only about results. Given the environment surrounding Trump, there are real opportunities for candidates to focus on the process not the result. 

The softer issues could provide a challenge in the minds of independents, some of who may believe that Trump is to aggressive and chaotic at times. 

But, the vast ideological move to the left by Democrats creates issues that this batch of candidates will not be able to overcome. The vast majority of Americans still value freedom and self determination. 

Also, life in America is much better than it was over the prior decade. While still some areas of improvement, our society accomplished much since January 20, 2017. 

Going forward, the pool of Democrats seeking the nomination will need to make the case to America for a change in direction, which they have failed to do so up to this point.