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Former VP Joe Biden did not have a great showing in the recent primary debate. But, it is still early for him in his third attempt for the nomination. 

It should not surprise him that candidates running solely on race politics will attack the candidate currently leading the black vote. Both Booker and Harris are largely single issue candidates trailing Biden on that single issue. 

The media obsessed over Harris’ quips and dings on Biden. But Biden gave an important pushback that maybe overlooked. Biden clarified that he was a public defender not a prosecutor. 

A key difference that many might not see. Biden could reasonably make the claim that Harris put more black people in prison that all the other candidates combined. 

Many African Americans rightfully dispute the perceived biases in the criminal justice system. As a prosecutor, she would theoretically have blood on her hands. 

The political quip creates a sentiment hard to overcome in a subgroup she desperately needs to win. It might put on the defensive as her record could receive greater scrutiny. 

The big picture issue was Biden appeared to have lost his edge and political wit that defined him. Plenty of time for him to recover. But can he? 

If not, his opponents may eat him alive.