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Despite a shaky performance in front of Congress, Robert Mueller does not deserve political criticism from either side, but credit for taking on a difficult task of finding the truth for the American people. 

Some in our society are still not ready to accept the truth. Accept the findings of a highly credentialed career law enforcer who has no reason to infuse politics into any investigation. 

What truth did he find? Based on all the information and the actual report, the truth is there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and no real crime of obstruction of justice.

While Russia might have preferred Trump over Clinton and Trump might benefit from a promotional campaign, there was no crime and connection between the two. 

The accusation of obstruction of justice also appears moot, since Mueller directly stated that his investigation was neither hindered nor interfered. Actions by Trump were questionable, but not illegal. 

The narrative of whether Trump could be charged with a crime is somewhat deceptive. Any president could be charged with a crime after office. But should not be without evidence. 

Mueller clearly stated that there was no evidence supporting a charge. While his investigation knew of restrictions on charging a sitting president, he clarified at times that enough evidence was never established. 

The goal for Democrats with the Mueller hearing was to get a definitive passing of the investigative torch, which did not happen. Mueller essentially confirmed the status quo. 

Mueller did not seem to be ready for addressing the material which served as the impetus for the investigation, including the Steele Dossier and its creator Fusion GPS. 

As such, there is legitimacy in the current effort of the Department of Justice to find out more about how this critical discredited document came about and if it was simply a political ploy. 

As stated on the content channels here on The CRC Review, the Mueller investigation was legitimate and needed. Americans needed to know whether the 2016 election was legitimate. 

Unfortunately, the efforts became highly politicized since Democrats sought to use impeachment as a political tool to reverse the will of the people, who elected President Trump. 

There now is a need for society to move forward and past the divisive period. The continued championing of impeachment is unfounded and serves only as a political witch hunt at this point. 

American politics cannot become obsessed with a single candidate or politician. Cannot focus on the political agenda of one political party or organization. 

Our politics need to focus on the economic, security, and social needs of the people that cast the ballots. That work in our economy and reside in our communities. 

While President Trump has done little to make people like him personally, his policies have done a great deal to put people back in the workforce, grow wages, and allow people to retain more of their hard-earned income. 

In contrast, his opponents’ entire political agenda focused solely on Trump and harassment of his administration and family. Not a single legislation has passed the House that will improve American outcomes. 

President Trump also needs to continue to focus his efforts on improving American outcomes rather than taking on political opponents who are less popular than he is. 

Many of the behaviors and narratives of his political opponents are far more divisive than what he is accused of. And their political agenda is leaps and bounds detached from reality and mainstream thinking.

Time to move forward with a focus on what truly matters and solving the big problems. Fix our social problems, neutralize our threats, and set our society on a path to another generation of greatness and prosperity.