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Despite the rhetoric, I truly do not believe any of our elected officials on either side wishes harm on innocent people. No one wishes to see Americans lose their lives to senseless acts of violence. 

As our nation mourns another tragedy, there is a shared sentiment that something needs to be done. Something that protects our communities and rights of law-abiding Americans at the same time. 

If you would like to see my suggestion on how to ensure bad people do not attain dangerous weapons, please click below and read “Rights and Responsibilities.” 

Following every tragic event, people see Democratic politicians quickly run to the nearest microphone solely to score political points by assigning blame and connecting tragedies to political opponents. 

Political exploitation of these events is inappropriate and only contributes to issues with our national discourse both sides agree is an ongoing problem. Fundraising off these events is even more despicable. 

There is no denying that our political discourse needs to change. A problem that plagues both political parties as well as media personalities who help foster highly charged environments. 

President Donald Trump surely can choose better words when speaking on issues many in DC prefer not to address. Make sure Americans understand the goal is to reduce illegal immigration and fix the broken system. 

Illegal immigration is an issue that government cannot continue to turn a blind eye on. While people illegally crossing in masses over a border is similar to an invasion, the rhetoric does not help the debate. 

Government is not racist by expecting migrants to follow the legal immigration path afforded by our immigration laws. Illegal immigration creates many economic, human rights and national security issues. 

On the other hand, Democrats too share blame due to indirectly making political violence acceptable in our society. Many prominent members stoke up political anger and normalize physical harassment. 

There are numerous accounts of physical assaults and personal harassment of Trump supporters, which Democrats never denounce. Angry members of the progressive left take their party’s lead in harming political opponents. 

Democrats need to see the culture of hate and anger they utilize to oppose Trump is proving dangerous. No one in our society should face harm over political beliefs or should harm others in support over political beliefs. 

A fundamental American value is civility to our political opponents. That standard cannot be set aside to appease emotions over an electoral loss or failure. 

The constant use of identity politics does more to divide our society across demographic groups than unite us as Americans. Americans should value the lives and rights of all regardless if they look, speak, or pray alike. 

Identity politics seeks to create class warfare where uniting all groups towards a common goal is more appropriate. One group does not deserve all the blame or responsibility to fix our social problems. 

A significant contributor to the anger and hysteria in our society is our national news media, which largely plays puppet master in our national debates. 

Consider how our media covers events, issues, and policies. Rarely will viewers experience a comprehensive outlay of facts and evidence. Usually, a hearsay see-saw featuring edited comments from select people. 

Many people strongly support or oppose agendas without truly understanding what is contained in the bill. Many simply regurgitate talking points and emotional queues presented in the media. 

The combination of political rhetoric from both parties as well as the media create a level of hysteria and societal anger that has frequently proven dangerous. 

While candidates continue using these tragedies to garner political support, raise campaign funds, or launch new angle of attacks, they need to step back and decide how can they truly help the nation heal and move forward. 

Americans do not want to see constant political bickering. Americans do not want to lose rights because of actions by a few not associated with them. Americans want to see policymakers lead in a balanced approach.