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Tragedy once again struck our society, as gunmen took the combined lives of 29 people in shooting in Texas and Ohio. 

After every tragedy, members of the left wing quickly call for enacting the same gun laws already on the books and confiscating guns of all citizens. Conversely, their opponents call for unabridged gun rights. 

In the United States, the right to bear arms is a constitutional right drawn from the second amendment and confirmed by the Supreme Court numerous times. 

There can be a reasonable middle ground that helps prevents tragedies like the ones that occurred on back to back days and far too often in our society. Reasonable changes that protects rights and society as well. 

Confiscation supporters should understand the true picture. The vast majority of legal and registered gun owners in the United States never commit crimes with their weapon or even pose a threat to anyone.

Despite the highly visible and tragic incidents, the heavy majority of gun deaths in America are suicides. Our per capita rate of gun deaths is low compared to other nations as well. 

Still, too many people lose loved ones to gun violence whether in a mass shooting, crime related activity, or domestic violence. America needs responsible gun ownership and communities free of gun violence. 

There are issues with mental health with many perpetrators of these crimes. Lack of enforcement surrounding background check findings with buyers. And, improperly secured weapons taken by the shooter.  

Too many of these shooters appear to feel justified in taking innocence life because of shortcoming in their lives. Access to mental health should be expanded and maybe compelled if the individual poses a threat. 

If someone attempts to purchase a weapon and fails a background check, more should be done to ensure that individual cannot simply go to a different venue. 

Different weapons pose different levels of dangers. Instead of issuing bans, which will be overturned in courts. One approach might be to implement more stringent checks and criteria for access before allowing purchases. 

Therefore, government would comply with second amendment protections, while protecting access from people who truly do not need those weapons. Recreational use is not really a valid reason for personal ownership.

Gun ownership is a right, but also a responsibility. Government should ensure buyers understand how to properly store guns to avoid theft and appropriate use. Some learn from family, but government needs to verify. 

Background checks and gun ownership training in itself will not stop incidents. Systems are not predictive. Until someone has a reason to be red flagged, a person retains access.

Society needs to do a better job of identifying at risk people and proactively getting them help. People should not ignore those around, but show appropriate concern for their well being. 

Instead of expanding access to mental health, our policymakers will undoubtedly focus on blaming each other for incidents, hoping to gain political points or revive struggling campaigns. 

Both sides have inflamed hysteria. Trump with some taunts and tweets. Democrats with making physical attacks and harassment based on politics fair game. Both are wrong and not productive. 

There is not a single elected official who wishes harm to Americans in these manners. Let us set aside politics and find balanced solutions to protect our constitutional rights and public safety.