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Joe Biden is off to a questionable start to his bid for the White House. A key figure who might have hand the biggest impact on Hillary Clinton's 2016 flop continues to seek time in the spotlight. 


Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to lead the pack vying for the Democratic nomination. Compared to other nominees, Biden is the lone candidate with a balanced record and appeal beyond the fringe progressive left. Biden also is the lone candidate with a complete understanding of what the job entails, serving as second in command during eight years of the Obama Administration. 

The problem is he continues to do everything in his power to lose against his far-left opponents. At some point, Biden decided truth and facts no longer matter. Recently, Biden completely fabricated the timeline and occurrence of events, like the one referring to the Parkland incident occurring after he left office. Afterwards, Biden was accused by the Washington Post of fabricating a wartime story by meshing three stories into one. 

Luckily for Biden, the media is willing to label his missteps as gaffes rather than blatant lies, like they would if it were President Trump. But, many in the party must be feeling some uncertainty in the fact their frontrunner is not demonstrating the formidability to truly take on Trump. In fact, none of the slate appears to be a formidable challenge to Trump. Some are realizing this and are now heading for the exit. 


The USDOJ Office of the Inspector General released its report detailing that Former FBI Director James Comey violated FBI regulations in handling confidential information. The violations were in relation to his releasing FBI memos to spark the appointment of a special counsel for the Russia investigation. Since the released material was confidential, not classified, James Comey will remain free. 

James Comey has a history of mishandling investigations and release of information. Many felt that Comey’s mistimed statements related to the Clinton investigation played a key role in Clinton’s 2016 defeat. Afterwards, Comey sought to assist with the effort to take down President Trump, who was found to have no collusion with Russia during 2016. 

James Comey forgot that his title was FBI Director, not kingmaker, who now serves as a narcissist on Twitter.