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The norm for presidential administrations is that the cabinet and administration team selected at the start of each term will serve until the end of the term, barring personal political or economic opportunities.

Although early departures are not unheard of, the frequency of resignations and firings is alarming, even for a person coming from the private sector. Especially the drama surrounding each one. 

Understandably, President Donald Trump has less tolerance for what prescribes as poor performance than any of his 44 predecessors combined. Some of the firings and departures were expected. 

His political opponents will aim to paint a picture of a chaotic and tense working environment. Some in government may not be used to the same vigor of the private sector, where deadlines actually means something. 

A realistic question one should have is how well are these people vetted for the job and how well do they understand their role and expectations of them. Many appear to be more worried about personal ambitions than assigned duties. 

Selecting people for cabinet positions is a challenge, considering the wide pool of qualified candidates. Many of these candidates did not get to where they are by not understanding how to properly plot their career path.

Many of the people initially brought in appeared to desire to be part of the Trump Administration to advance their profile rather than do the work of the American people.