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Memorial Day is not the official start of summer, but the day America recognizes those who gave their life in service to our great nation. 

During this remembrance, it is appropriate for all to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect millions of others who they never knew. 

Following our continued fight against the invisible enemy, it may be appropriate to expand this remembrance to include all those who sacrificed their life in care for others. 

The Covid-19 pandemic helped bring to light the idea of real heroes. The term hero is generically thrown around in our pop culture. But not every application is appropriate. 

Traditionally, the military ranks first on the list of our heroes. Their sacrifices are what kept society safe and free and continue to be central in response to crisis. 

The key to a real hero is the level of sacrifice. These heroes do not serve for money, notoriety, or other perks not available to them. Yet, they accept daily the ultimate risk. 

In this field, every deployment brings risks, especially those involving confrontation with enemy combatants. Yet, they rarely receive the recognition or care they truly deserve. 

Although this is the national holiday remembering those lost, America can take greater steps to care for our living veterans both during and after service. They earned it.

This Memorial Day lets enjoy a meal with family members, if safe to do so. But also remember those who gave their lives.

Nat'l moment of remembrance, Memorial Day at 3pm – KLAX-TV