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Welcome back. Joe Biden continues to work to defeat himself. People question whether mask requirements violate their freedoms. The House chooses to add some bacon. 


Democratic Presidential Candidate and Former Vice President Joe Biden recently said that any black person not voting for him is not really black in his opinion. 

Biden is using an antiquated practice of shaming minority voters in remaining loyal to Democrat candidates. Biden is not the first Democrat to do this and will not be the last. 

Many are rightfully calling out Biden. But, do not expect Biden, Democrats, or their base to acknowledge the error. Biden continues to give supporters reasons to doubt him. 

Democrats are already backing down from their stance that all women should be believed in claims of sexual indiscretion, as Biden is being handed a complete pass on accusations of sexual assault. 

Democrats appear they do not recall Biden’s controversial comments during the 2008 primary where he stated that his future boss spoke eloquently for a black man. 

Since Biden raised the issue, he should defend his party’s poor record on improving economic outcomes for the African American community. During his time as VP, African Americans fared worse than any other group. 

Should Biden have to answer why his party continues to make unvetted claims of racism against political opponents, but their supported candidates have clear history of blackface? 

If any person of color is deciding against voting for Biden, it is because they are able to think for themselves. 


Government should act very carefully when it comes to individual freedom and civil liberty, especially ones directly guaranteed in the United States Constitution. 

An argument can be made that states infringed on the right to practice their faith, assemble, and speak in protests, while states like NJ and others attempted to infringe on second amendment rights. 

The occurrence of a pandemic can justify the infringement or the availability of accommodations like virtual church for some. Some view freedoms and civil liberties as absolute. 

Many people are quick to use freedom as an excuse to not comply with socially accepted rules and behaviors. Some people just love the word whether they understand where it applies. 

The requirement to wear masks is not really an infringement. Communities can require people wear seat belts, bike helmets, hazard gear, and other protective measures. 

A principle that should guide our society is that a person exercising their freedom should not limit another exercising theirs. This rule could solve many conflicts. 

For instance, a person exercising their freedom of speech should never negate another from exercising their freedom of speech to disagree or counter. 

A person not wearing a mask could potentially negatively impact another person from exercising their freedom by inadvertently passing on the virus. Therefore, wearing the mask is not that bad. 

Please wear the mask when in potentially crowded areas. Leave it off when driving or not in a crowd. 


There seems to be a realization that our nation needs to reopen to some degree to prevent extensive economic damage, although some states are waiting until mid-June. 

Congress will need to come to terms with another round of stimulus funds to help those still on the sidelines. Hopefully, efforts will focus on the unemployed and small business owner, not people receive full checks. 

That appears to be the case as Senate leaders look to finalize a plan. After playing politics during the entire response to the pandemic, House Democrats passed their own version, but that bill will not be the final version. 

The House version appears to have more money going towards pet projects and completely covering states deficits rather than providing real relief to those who truly need it. 

This is not the time to use this crisis to spend money on political projects or efforts to rig the next presidential election. Instead, focus on helping small business owners and other individuals pay the rents and bills. 

The pandemic is expanding deficits faced by many states. But, the vast majority of those deficits have not connection with the pandemic. The plan should not provide a blank check for fiscally irresponsible states. 

A great deal of spending is needed during this time. But, lets do it the right way.