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Despite concerns from Democrats and Never Trump Republicans, President Donald Trump performed better than expected on foreign policy issues related to our national security. 

Compared to his predecessors, President Trump chooses to bring our opponents to the negotiating table by limiting their options with the use of sanctions. 

Trump chooses not to seek military engagements or utilize taxpayer money for what amounts to bribery. Instead, his preferred method appears to be sanctions and pressure. 

The use of sanctions and pressure brought nations like China and North Korea to the negotiating table. China is not an enemy, but an economic rival with a history of bad market behaviors. 

In both cases, the United States is in much better position with those nations than in the past. China and the United States entered into a trade agreement and talks with North Korea is ongoing. 

Under Trump, the world saw loses its once vast territorial strongholds and dwindle it reach and scope. A stark contrast to the condition when he arrived in office. 

President Trump does not twiddle his thumbs in the face of bad behavior. Syria saw this as he delivered proportionate response to the use of chemical weapons.

For some on the left, the perception that the Iran Deal was keeping America and the world safe was based on hope not reality. Not much in the deal did what was promised. 

A great sum of money released to Iran without much change in behavior resulted in the funding for terrorism in the region, as Iran was a chief sponsor of terror through proxy organizations. 

As America pulled back significantly in the Middle East towards the end of the Obama Era, Iran sought to fill the influence void by asserting themselves as the new sheriff in the Middle East. 

Iran was never a nation American policymakers should trust without preconditions. The aggression and destabilizing behavior is nothing new. Iran has been who it always is. 

The Obama Administration needed to show Americans they could do something on foreign policy, so they agreed to a poorly constructed agreement that did little to keep Americans or our allies safe. 

President Donald Trump changed the calculus by ending the deal and utilizing maximum pressure to alter the behavior of Iran. As expected, the petulant nation chose misbehavior instead of reason. 

Iran can be a member of the global economy. All it has to do is end its terror programs, stop harassing Israel and Americans, abandon its nuclear ambitions, and provide more social freedoms to their citizens. 

This year is an election year and one can expect great hysteria over anything and everything. Politicians will run to the microphones bloviating about every possible point of division. But lets keep things in perspective.