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The violence and social unrest taking place in places like Portland, OR and Kenosha, WI is no longer remaining in the shadows of society. No longer can be overlooked or discarded as a right-wing conspiracy theory. 

For some time, Democrats appeared to believe the riots, looting, and violence against police officers, innocent bystanders, and peaceful protesters provided a political edge. 

Many in the media and national and local Democrats provided cover for these actions believing it provided cover to advance their overall agenda by embracing the anger.

On the other hand, President Trump focused greatly on the violence, making some feel he did not speak enough about the underlying issues the peaceful protesters, not involved in the violence, raised.

The situation continued to a point where polling changed. Now, the violence and the political responsibility is a national issue impacting the presidential race. 

New criticism prodded Joe Biden to leave the comforts of his basement and provide a counter the narrative that his campaign supports the unrest and radical ideas like Defunding the Police. 

Democrats galvanized around the idea that this could be blamed on the President Trump. Blaming him on taking a strong stance on law and order and fueling the anger demonstrated by this violence. 

President Trump does a strong stance on law and order and supporting the police officers who do the job the right way. He could do more to push for bring justice to ones who do the job the wrong way. 

His administration and campaign acknowledged the shared values that equal protection under the law is essential to our society. That officers committing crimes should be punished. They could speak more on it.

In an election year, politicians believe words can cover for actions taken. The actions by local Democratic leaders to allow perpetrators of violence to remain free. Campaign staff bailing out offenders to continue their crimes. 

There was clear lack of leadership in these Democratic controlled areas that allowed and excused rioting, looting, and violence at the expense of local communities and legitimate peaceful protesters. 

Many of these so-called leaders allowed segments of their communities to be destroyed while denying critical assistance and even permitting angry mobs to capture parts of their cities. 

The bail funds provided by the Biden campaign allowed many to return to their destruction. Unfortunately, Biden prefers that American taxpayers foot the bill for the cleanup and restoration of these areas. 

A blind eye was turned to the violence until it showed up at the front doors of the homes of these leaders or impacted polls critical for extending political careers. 

At a time when society is asking so much more from our law enforcement, including supporting covid responses and now protecting innocent bystanders, local Dems seek to cut funds and hours of police departments.

Police officers committing crimes should be held accountable like ever other criminal. The solutions to improving the situation is not removing funds that can help improve training and accountability for these departments. 

The violence and chaos are clearly a direct result of poor leadership by elected officials in Democratic controlled cities. They allowed violence to mute voices of the actual peaceful protesters who seek change.