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America is in a crisis of our own making. There is a clear need for a national change of perspective. Change from a society that views our political opposition as an existential threat to our democracy. Change from a society that views the problem with our society simply being the existence of the other side. 

Our problems did not originate from one individual, one political party, or one group of people. Our underlying problems with political tribalism, ideological rigidity, hysteria, anger, and jealousy transitioned with past changes of administrations. Our political environment continues to move away from cooperation and compromise. Our society continues to allow political views to divide family and friends. Our media institutions continue to wedge society based on exaggerated differences, ignoring the many areas of agreement.

Our society needs to return to a point where compromise, cooperation, and consideration are acceptable aspects of government and daily life. Please click above to see ways to achieve this with a couple changes that can help lower the temperature while protecting all our rights.