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President Donald Trump’s time in office officially ends and Joe Biden takes the reins. Another changing of the guard and a new era in American life. American life always moves forward to a new day, a new dawn. 

The Trump Era was as consequential and must see as a presidential administration could be. President Donald Trump had a strong personality, big ego, and great resolve to take on all combatants, which helped to make him a lightning rod for debate. 

President Donald Trump did not have to run for office. He has a great family, a successful business, and a great life. He did not need to subject himself or his family to the political hatred and harassment from his political opponents. He did not have a half a decade in public office in need of validation. 

In the above podcast, I discuss the high and lows and why the Trump Era was a net positive for our society, despite the chaos and tension at times. Also, I project forward to what America can expect in the next era of our great American story. Please click above to experience The Trump Era podcast.