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The CRC Review is your source for common sense commentary covering the public policy and salient topics impacting our national economy and overall society. 

The original content you will experience here will focus on available facts, evidence, and data to evaluate ideas that may improve our quality of life or reinforcing our shared values and principles. 

This podcast is called Better America, where I discuss how our society can better exemplify our espoused values. The issues facing our communities are not caused because America has the wrong values or the wrong ideals. Many times, it is because our leaders or our fellow Americans have not lived up to these ideals or consistently afforded people fair consideration under these principles. 

America needs to strengthen our commitment to our foundation in supporting freedom. Afford people the freedom to live their life they way they choose to and accept the responsibilities for their choices. Ensure people have equal access to their share of the American, avoiding cronyism, nepotism, and other manipulations. Protect the rights of the faithful, not coercing them to contradict their strongly held beliefs. 

America must be a nation of law and order, where laws are fairly and equally applied. America must continue to afford the accused the presumption of innocence, regardless of the narratives of media or social media. America must never bend the need to mob mentality rather be a society of rational discourse. Good trouble leads to bad consequences in the long run. 

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