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The CRC Review is your source for common sense commentary covering the public policy and salient topics impacting our national economy and overall society.

People should hold a general level of skepticism about any society. Political, social, or economic cynicism is healthy to a point. There are valid reasons to doubt what our leaders state, what we see or read in the media, and what fellow Americans hold as facts that are actually opinions. 

Normally, our society relies on credible sources to determine factual statements versus bloviation or what politicians call political speak. Those credible sources are usually our news media, including newspapers, news channels, and nightly news broadcasts. 

Unfortunately, these sources are lighter on the journalism and bigger on advancing narratives, as many journalists struggle to objectively report facts rather choosing to select facts that advance a predetermined stance. Too often we are coerced and shamed into believing things that turn out to be completely false a few weeks later.

That is why people cannot have complete trust in our institutions that usually help educate the public. Please click on the podcast above for more about why skepticism is healthy in our society.