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The CRC Review is your source for common sense commentary covering the public policy and salient topics impacting our national economy and overall society. 

The original content you will experience here will focus on available facts, evidence, and data to evaluate ideas that may improve our quality of life or reinforce our shared values and principles. 

The current environment Americans live in is not normal. The residual effects of the global pandemic changed the way Americans interact and operate in society. Public policy provided Americans great insight on how far the government will go to demonstrate its power over the people. 

America is a nation valuing freedom and self-determination, but our leaders went to great to curb both even when those efforts were no longer needed. Give the government an inch and it may take a mile through coercion. At times, society needs to trust our leaders, but our leaders should operate in the spirit of America.  

In this podcast, I discuss the state of our journey through the pandemic as well as other salient topics from our current events. Please click above to experience Our Current State.