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My name is Christopher Peter and welcome to the CRC Review. The CRC Review is your source for common sense commentary covering salient topics impacting our society and economy. 

The title of this podcast is Our Quality of Life. Americans are blessed to live in a nation that affords security, opportunity, and freedom, which many across the globe do not enjoy. While not perfect, there is no nation that really affords this mix in the same level of satisfaction as the United States does.

Our Declaration of Independence affords us the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, which epitomizes American life. Americans value freedom of self determination in how we live and how we pursue our definition of success. Opportunity and personal investment are the keystone of American freedom. Without economic freedom, the other freedoms are at risk. 

The person or entity that controls your purse strings controls to a large degree of what you can do, say, or think. Consider those dependent on government programs. Any speaking out against government can be quashed by a simple reminder of who controls the policies funding their existence. People tend to vote their wallets. But people filling their wallets off the government coffers might find it hard to speak their mind and free themselves. 

Americans should never trade our freedom, opportunity, and self determination for the false comforts of government. Americans must remain self-reliant, independent, and innovation. Americans must continue to be leaders in global innovation to protect our way of life and economic interests. In this podcast, I discuss how to do just that as well as dive into a discussion about some recent current events. Please click above to experience Our Quality of Life.