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The CRC Review is your source for common sense commentary covering the public policy and salient topics impacting our national economy and overall society. 

Our governing principle in America is that of a representative democracy, where the power theoretically resides with the people, who elect representatives to do the work of the government. The idea of a limited government is not simply a Republican staple, but an essential requirement for a free society. 

The real foundation of American society is freedom. Freedom associated with the spirit of self-reliance. Freedom of self-determination in our economic pursuits and matters. Freedom to choose the way we live our lives and accepting the responsibility and consequences of those choices. 

A requirement for a free society is the empowering of the people rather than government. Government, by nature, is somewhat oppressive by the coercive nature of limiting behaviors. Sometimes the limitations are essential. Other times the limitations are completely political. 

America is at somewhat of a crossroads in deciding whether society will continue to resemble the free democracy and free enterprise economy that created a perfectly imperfect nation. America has flaws, as every nation does, but Americans must not exchange flaws for flawed ideology. 

In this podcast, I discuss how America can improve our governance to protect the society we all love. Also, the recent economic boom is addressed along with other current events. Please click above to experience A Better Way.