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My name is Christopher Peter and welcome to the CRC Review. The CRC Review is your source for common sense commentary covering salient topics impacting our society and economy.

The United States needs to have strong and decisive leadership both domestic and abroad to protect our way of life and our democratic form of government. Our leadership needs to be bold and able to advance our interests in the face of any challenges. America needs to be able to bring together our allies to craft effective solutions, while willing to go at it alone to pursue what is right and just. 

A constant talking point in our political discourse is the fragility of our democracy. A strategy used to create fear of voting for opposing political candidates. Missing from our discussions are the attitudes and behaviors that take place each and every day that harm our democracy. Behaviors that occur well beyond the beltway politics. Our American Democracy may cease to exist if we continue to silence the voices of our fellow Americans, advance narratives and hide truths, and abandon our freedom for the false comfort of government intervention. 

The above podcast is Leadership & Democracy, where I discuss the recent current events that highlight the importance of preserving our American democracy and highlight in more depth the challenges that need to be addressed. Some are quick to point out the anti-democratic positions abroad but slow to realize the same behaviors are taking place here as well. 

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