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My name is Christopher Peter and welcome to the CRC Review. The CRC Review is your source for common sense commentary covering salient topics impacting our society and economy. 

The title of this podcast is a Nation of Good People. The United States of America is a nation of good people. Recent news events or trending social media threads might make it seem otherwise. But the totality of American life reflects kindness, generosity, and compassion that typically goes unnoticed. America is one of the only nations that goes to great lengths to empathize with its citizens. Even in situations where complaints derive from normal every day life. Most nations care little about the emotional hysteria of their people.

The high velocity of information can make people lose perspective of the actual situation. People throw out selective statistics without considering the complete context of the actual data. This is largely why people tend to treat others based on stereotypes and false judgments. For instance, the proportion of people in gangs or other organized crime organizations are mere fractions of the groups stereotyped by these. The proportion of people who hold strong racist sentiments and act on them is small when you consider the whole group stereotyped. Society tends to obsess over one aspect without considering the whole picture. 

That does not mean we do not have opportunities for improvement. We certainly do. Some in our society pose threats to the rest of us. Some in our society lack the needed respect for our shared rights and freedoms. Some do not afford basic respect to others because of their level of notoriety or socioeconomic status. Some behaviors demonstrated by some in our society need to start to live up to our social norms of good rather than altering the definition of good behavior to fit otherwise bad into it. 

In this podcast, I look at the how to ensure America remains a nation of good people. I discuss how to protect our rights and freedoms while addressing the need to mitigate bad behaviors and choices by those that live among us. Please click above to experience A Nation of Good People.