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My name is Christopher Peter and welcome to The CRC Review. 

The CRC Review offers a mainstream point of view missing from our national conversation. Not present in a media environment that overvalues wedge positions. Throughout my career and education, I learned the importance of being able to coalesce different points of view and find common ground. The importance of being able to understand opposing viewpoints, even if I do not agree or accept their conclusions. Some believe that it is not important to expose yourself to different points of view. Those people are wrong. People cannot fear ideas contrary to their own. Healthy comprehensive debates make us all better informed and can strengthen our points of view.

People who have not received the vaccine should strongly reconsider their position and make sure their choice is based on reason rather than hysteria. While social media is not a great source of intellectual stimulation, one can see some of the reasons put forth for holding off. Many of which are simply not a great reason to avoid a vaccine that can save your life. 

One position that I see some people put forth is that the vaccine does not a hundred percent protect you from getting Covid. The main reason people receive vaccines is to ensure that there are antibodies in our systems in the event we are infected with the particular contagion. The goal is to protect society from death from infection. While obviously people want you to avoid infection, the most important aspect is protecting you from the worst case scenarios.

Another common position is that the vaccine is an experimental drug. The United States and Western societies have a long history of developing vaccines, which require constant research and modifications over time to ensure vaccines work as the virus mutates. Essentially, one can reasonably expect that vaccine makers built upon established knowledge of vaccine therapy and past coronaviruses and applied it to research on this one. 

Why get a vaccine for an infection that has shown a relatively low fatality rate, despite a high infection rate? The presence of antibodies in your system will undoubtedly serve an important level of protection as the virus mutates and potentially gets stronger. The people at the highest risk do appear to be ones with comorbidities or otherwise weaker immune systems. But, one cannot expect that to always be the case. One should reasonably expect mutations to help it evolve to become more infectious and potentially more dangerous.

There is a point where the people that want the vaccines are going to get it and those who do not want it will continue to avoid it. At that point, the government should not compel the vaccinated population to bear undue burden to protect the unvaccinated population. The unvaccinated population should bear the cost of the risk they are accepting, including paying for testing once the government no longer subsidizes it. That too may be a contributor to hesitancy if a person on the fence can still get a free test. Get the vaccine and put Covid-19 behind you for the most part.

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