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My name is Christopher Peter and welcome to The CRC Review. 

The CRC Review is your source for common sense commentary covering the public policy and salient topics impacting our national economy and overall society. The original content you will experience here will focus on available facts, evidence, and data to evaluate ideas that may improve our quality of life or reinforce our shared values and principles. 

My goal was to provide a point of view missing in our national discourse, which affords an unbalanced voice to the fringes of our society. Instead, I leverage my analytical skill set built from my experience in a variety of industries and leadership roles to separate the noise from the effective and efficient solutions. 

I describe my point of view as an economic one because my focus is always to see how society can improve the quality of life for the most amount of people. Every economist understands there is a balance needed in productivity and distribution, as the world operates with limited resources. Everything requires balance.

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