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My name is Christopher Peter and welcome to The CRC Review.

I started The CRC Review to offer a point of view missing from our national discourse on salient issues impacting our economic outcomes, public safety, and overall society. There are plenty of sources for fringe polarizing viewpoints, but common sense aligned with true mainstream views is not present in a media environment that overvalues wedge positions.

Throughout my career and education, I learned the importance of being able to coalesce different points of view and find common ground. The importance of being able to understand opposing viewpoints, even if I do not agree or accept their conclusions. Some believe that it is not important to expose yourself to different points of view. Those people are wrong. People cannot fear ideas contrary to their own. Healthy comprehensive debates make us all better informed and can strengthen our points of view.

The original podcasts and commentary you will experience on The CRC Review, as well as the additional content channels below, focus on comprehensively evaluating these salient issues to offer common sense commentary that is solutions focused. Not for one group or another, but for the largest possible set of Americans in an efficient manner. Additionally, I will pass along interesting articles from a wide spectrum of our current events. I genuinely believe it is important to read a broad array of news source to broaden your outlook on our issues.

Thank you for your time and I encourage you to continue your experience with The CRC Review by exploring the content channels below and follow on Twitter, Facebook, or continue to visit weekly. 

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